Love at First Sight

Vienna is beautiful in this period, before Christmas. Hm, although I must admit that I am not of those who carry the phone to take pictures of every scene … I forget, or might not even think about. I am of those who look around and memorize every detail in my mind … I could change that?!

Why I’m talking this to you?!

It is just this dress that tides me to this place. I saw it somewhere in the month of August, in the window, stylized awesome! 

I just wanted it! But as it always happens, then, unfortunately, wasn’t for sale. I found it on the way to a tenth place and in passing. I’ve been saving it for a return visit to Vienna just for these conditions because here is still few degrees lower than in Serbia. The real challenge was to combine it with burgundy turtleneck sweater and leather pants in the same shade. I broke the darkness with pastel shades, Religion coat and Michael Kors Ava bag, which is a great contrast to any look in a last couple days, I love it! I can tell you that I have for these cooler conditions very well and warmly dressed, and I wore all the pieces that I like. Bingo!